• Plano, TX

Before firms use 'Facebook score' to screen applicants, stop the insanity


You already have an "insurance score." You have an "Employment Credit Score."  There's even a"MedFICO," which attempts to predict whether you’ll actually pay your doctor’s bills.  Now that a "Facebook score" has been invented,  I expect a "Grocery Habits score" and a "Music Taste" score to arrive any time now.

These scores probably hurt you more than help you, and in ways that are kept secret from you.  To borrow a phrase from today's big pop-culture story, American businesses are suffering from "Score-sanity."  And you are suffering the consequences.

In case you missed it, researchers at three U.S. colleges say they've figured out a way to predict future job success by scoring applicants' Facebook profile pages. This wasn't a mere exercise in finding embarrassing college photos. The profs created five categories that map to character traits which often lead to success at work: Conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness,